was created from our own 30 year experience as marketing and sales professionals in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. In the marketing of multimillion dollar assets on a wide geographic basis we found the critical need to find a solution to provide detailed marketing data and property information to a large number of clients. In achieving the best execution on these sales with an ever growing number of document files, it was increasingly important to have one location for all of our clients to find the most up to date and comprehensive marketing and due diligence materials, while streamlining our document flow.

Generic file sharing services did not provide the security or corporate image we require and other solutions were cost prohibitive and had long contract periods. The solution we created was where you can securely add and organize files and documents as well as email your clients directly from the Document Room when updates are made. All in real time. brings a high quality, secure document sharing solutions at a truly affordable price. It can be used for not only real estate, but for any industry that requires the secure sharing of files. By offering a secure, encrypted Document Room at our price level, it is highly cost effective to use for all of your marketing, due diligence and team projects. As a month to month service, you pay for only the time you need with no long term contracts and at no risk. Each of your Document Rooms are branded with your company name, contact information and logo, not ours, projecting your company image.

We look forward to having you join us as a member. Once you try us, we are sure you will find us to be an indispensable and profitable part of your business.

Thank you

Rick Chozick
CEO and Founder