Q) What is the cost of a DocumentRoom?

A) Each DocumentRoom is billed to your credit card at a rate of $79.95 per month. This rate is subject to change in the future. You may delete a DocumentRoom at any time; however we cannot prorate monthly usage so you will be charged for the full 30 day period in which your DocumentRoom was active. Each additional DocumentRoom you set up is billed individually under the same terms as above.

Q) What is the size limit of a DocumentRoom?

A) Each DocumentRoom offers 250MB of space. To help prevent running out of room in your DocumentRoom, try reducing the file size to files you are trying to upload i.e. photographs. It is always good practice to reduce your files to the smallest file size possible. This will allow you to add more files to each DocumentRoom you create as well as speeding upload times for you and download times for your invited guests.


Q) How do I log in?

A) To log in to DocumentRoom.com you must first be a registered user. If you are already registered, type in your registered email address and your password in the top right corner of this website.

Q) I forgot my Password, what do I do?

A) For security reasons we can only have your password sent by email to the email address you registered with. To retrieve your forgotten password, click on "Forgot Password"; just below the log in area on the home page, type in your registered email address and the system will send your password by email.

Q) How do I become a registered DocumentRoom.com user?

A) From the home page click on "Register" and enter your contact information and choose a password.

Q) Can I edit my account information or change my password?

A) Yes, you can change your account by logging in with your email address and password, click "My Account" make the changes needed, and click "Update"

Q) Why do I have to agree to "Terms of Use" and where can I read the Terms of Use?

A) The Terms Of Use explain the guidelines by which you can use DocumentRoom.com. The Terms Of Use are available to read on DocumentRoom.com.




  1. Log in to DocumentRoom.com using your email address and password. If you have not done so, register as a new user.
  2. Click on "My DocumentRoom"
  3. Click on Create a DocumentRoom
  4. Create folders and subfolders as needed
  5. Upload your files into the desired folders
  6. Invite guests using the "Guest Control Panel"
  7. Delete the DocumentRoom once it is no longer needed to end the billing cycle

Q) Can I update my DocumentRoom?

A) Yes, you can update your DocumentRoom as much as you want. You can add files and folders or remove files and folders at any time. Your invited guests will see your updates in real time as soon as you save your changes.

Q) Who can see my DocumentRooms?

A) You invite your guests by clicking on the "Guest Control Panel" within your DocumentRoom. Your invited guests will receive an email with a secure link back to the DocumentRoom for which you provided the invitation.

Q) Can I remove a guest after they are invited to view my DocumentRoom.

A) Yes, you can remove an invited guest’s access by clicking on the "Guest Control Panel" and deleting the user you no longer wish to have access to your DocumentRoom.

Purchasing DocumentRoom


On the first page of the screen you must enter the property type, name and address. This information will appear as the title of the DocumentRoom. Invited guests will see your company name, address and logo, providing a customized look to your DocumentRoom. This information cannot be changed once you click Save/Next, so please review it carefully.


The DocumentRoom



By default the only folder present in a new DocumentRoom is the HOME folder. In order to keep your files organized it is important to add additional file folders for different types of files you upload. This will ensure your invited guests find the information they need more easily. To add a folder click “Add Folder”. The new folder will appear under the HOME folder. Subfolders can also be created by highlighting a folder and clicking “Add Folder”, this will create a subfolder


Once folders are created, files should be upload to their appropriate folders. To upload files, click on the folder in the Directory Tree on the left panel you wish to add files to and click "Add Files" - Browse to find the files you wish to upload. In Internet Explorer you can click on the file you wish to upload and click Open. Using other internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox you may highlight an entire group of files and drag them onto the open DocumentRoom page for an automatic upload. As all browsers behave differently, you may have to experiment to see which method works best with your particular browser.


You may delete folders and files by clicking on the check box next to the folder or file name and clicking on the "Delete Checked Items" button. Deleting a folder will automatically delete its entire contents. Please be careful with deleting, once you confirm a deletion it cannot be retrieved.


To invite a guest to view your DocumentRoom, click on "Guest Control Panel" and then "Add Guest". You will then be prompted to add the guest’s name and email address. You will also be able to provide any additional message you’d like to add to the invitation.

Your guest will receive an email stating that you have invited them to view a DocumentRoom with a secure encrypted link allowing them entry in to the DocumentRoom. This link is encrypted and should not be forwarded onto anyone else. Once they click on the link, your guest will agree to a simple statement that states they understand that the information they are being given is confidential. This statement is not however a legally binding statement or affirmation. You may wish to consult with an attorney and provide additional Confidentiality Agreements to your invited guests prior to providing them access to your information.

Once your invited guest has been allowed access to your DocumentRoom they may view and download any of the documents you have uploaded to that particular DocumentRoom. They will only have access to the DocumentRoom’s you invite them to see.


If you wish to revoke an invited guests access to a DocumentRoom, click on "Guest Control Panel" and click on "Delete" next to a guests name. This guest will no longer have access to this DocumentRoom.


From time to time you may wish to communicate with your invited guests. This can be done by clicking on "Email Guests". You may check the box to send to all or check individual guests to send a message to.


Once there is no further need for a particular DocumentRoom, the DocumentRoom should be deleted to avoid any further monthly charges. Remember however, that we cannot prorate a monthly charge. Deleting a DocumentRoom after the 30 day anniversary of its creation will result in being billed for an entire 30 day billing period.